Polymer and Polypropylene vs. Foundry Siding

I am asked on a daily basis about different brands of Vinyl Shake Siding. There are many to choose from. There is Certainteed, Novik, Exteria, Foundry, etc…Which is the best? Is the thickest the best? What’s the difference?

Lots of differences in all panels so I’m just going to hit on a couple of points.

Foundry Split Shake Oatmeal

Expansion/Contraction – Foundry siding, which is a true PVC sidng, expands and contracts at 1/3 the rate of polymer and polypropylene panels. There will be no temperature gauge on the Foundry siding simply because it is not necessary to have one. Other panels have temp. gauges that basically indicate where to nail based on the temperature when the product is being installed. This is an excellent concept to provide for the high expansion/contraction rate. The problem I find is that most installers nail where they can and move on. So it may look good when the product is first installed but when the seasons change so do the laps.

Class 1A Fire Rating – Foundry siding is the only vinyl shake siding available that has a class 1A fire rating. This means is has a very low rate of spreadability. If you were to hold a flame to a polymer or polypropylene panel, they will ignite on fire and literally start dripping like candle wax. If you put a flame to the Foundry siding, it will not ignite. I will put a video demonstration soon.

Until next time.

Vinyl Jon —-OUT

New Additions to VinylShake.com

While 3/4 of the country is under snow, ice, sleet, etc…, I’ve decided I’ll try to improve my website.  I often get asked about mounting blocks.  First of all, I’ve always thought mounting blocks make a siding job.  It’s all in the details for me.  When I speak of mounting blocks, I am speaking of blocks to put light fixtures, light switches, pipes, receptacles, dryer vents and about anything else that you man need on an exterior wall.

Without these blocks, I’ve seen lots of other ways to mount to the siding.  None of which look as good as the blocks.  Unfortunately, some folks just cut holes straight to the siding or drill directly to uneven surfaces.  I see it all the time and when I see it, I cringe.

These blocks are now available at VinylShake.com.  You can find them at vinylshake.com/vinyl-mounting-blocks.  We now have blocks to match every Foundry color.